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About Us


The Black Women’s Institute for Leadership Development’s mission is to create an alliance of women of the African diaspora that provides guidance and support for a career in public service that may lead to running for elected office or leadership positions on boards and commissions.


The Black Women’s Institute for Leadership Development will build a pipeline of black women through comprehensive educational guidance, confidence building, and professional development.


The Black Women's Institute for Leadership Development's (BWILD) concept was envisioned by Dr. Shirley N. Weber. She convened a group of black women leaders from San Diego County and set the organization in motion. BWILD was incorporated on July 12, 2017 as a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization. The founding members include:
Dr. Shirley N. Weber (Founder), Jannell Jackson and Chevelle Newell-Tate (Co-Chairs), Monica Montgomery (Vice-Chair), Dr. Akilah Weber (Secretary), LaShae Sharp-Collins (Treasurer), Alyce Pipkin-Allen (Membership Chair), Hattie Bryson (Programs Chair), Sona Anderson, Petrina Branch, Taisha Brown, Denise Green, Debra Maxie, Ellen Nash, Vickie Turner, and Rosalind Winstead. 

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